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     In October, 2015, three long-time Florentine residents, Matteo Faglia, Diletta Corsini and Mary Christine Forrest, decided to create a cultural association (Buchette del Vino) to draw attention to one of the most peculiar but interesting architectural details of this great art city. Although the focus of attention in Florence is generally on the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Uffizi, the basilica of Santa Croce, the Old Bridge, Orsanmichele, the Accademia which houses Michelangelo’s “David”, Piazzale Michelangelo, which overlooks this beautiful city, there are so many other fascinating monuments and art works to discover in Florence.

     One of the unique facets of the wine windows in Florence is that there are dozens of them—more than 150 in the Historical Center—but they are often overlooked, even by local residents. They are a reminder of the daily life of Florentines over the last centuries—a remnant of the simple transaction of purchasing a glass or a bottle of wine directly from its producer: one of the Florentine families with vineyards in the Tuscan countryside. So, the Wine Windows Association (Buchette del Vino) was born with the intention of celebrating these small but significant testimonies to the rich cultural heritage of this beloved city.

Our Statutes


     The following are the principal statues of the Wine Windows Association. For further information, please contact us directly.

   Articles 1 and 2

   The Wine Windows Association is a nonprofit, apolitical association, of unlimited duration and with the following aims:

   •  To diffuse historical and cultural information regarding this unique cultural patrimony (Wine Windows) present in Florence and some of its surrounding territories;

   •  To promote the study, census, evaluation, maintenance, and when necessary, the restoration of these historical architectural features;

   •  To organize events and forums for all those who are interested in carrying out historical or architectural research or exchanges of information regarding Wine Windows.

   Article 3

   The Wine Windows Association, to achieve its goals, intends to promote various activities, including the following:

   •  Research activities, including census, historical documentation of the   existing Windows which were used for the direct sale of wine to the customer, or for other possible uses;

   •  Promotion of maintenance, restoration and rehabilitation of Wine Windows in collaboration with their present owners;

   •  Cultural events, such as conferences, lectures, debates, seminars, films and documentaries, guided tours of the Wine Windows;

   •  Editorial activities: publication of books, conference proceedings, seminars, studies and research on Wine Windows.

   Article 4

   Membership in the Wine Windows Association (BUCHETTE DEL VINO) is open to all those who are interested in its objectives and who share its aims and ideals:

   •  Founding members: those individuals who have signed the founding statutes;

   •  Ordinary members: individuals, institutions or organizations who pay the annual membership fee as established by the Governing Council;

   •  Sustaining members: individuals, institutions or organizations who wish to contribute substantially to the goals of the Association through their work, efforts, collaboration and/or economic support, including owners of palaces or buildings with Wine Windows.

   Article 7

   All members over 18 years of age have a right to vote on approval or modifications of the Statues and Rules of the Association as well as its Governing Council.


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